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Every company differ in size, number of machines, workers per shifts etc. 

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Please read our report “Calculations explaind” to better understand how our calculations are made. 

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Manufacturing in numbers

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Saving money on tooling such as cutting tools, jaws, and other consumables is a false economy.

A quality jaw system and cutting tools will reduce your machine and labor costs, which amount to over 50% of the total costs.

Increasing machine operation time and metal removal rate has a huge impact on total costs. Investing in quality tooling achieves this by externalising internal setup time

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When using an 8 hour shift, machine operating time is equal to about 4 hours.

The machine down time of 4 hours is internal set up time, spent on changing raw material, tools, jaws, measuring, etc.

Internal set-up time VS. manufacturing time

By making internal set up time external, we find that:

Rindex Multi-Jaws will increase machine operating time by 21 %, adding 13 % of jaw change time to 61 % machine operation time, which amounts to:

  • 10 % increased gross margin
  • about 50 €, Every day.
  • or 11 500 € per year and machine

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Minimal set up & change over time

  • Base jaws are centered in less than a minute.
  • Top jaws can take on 12 different positions.
  • Change diameter in 30 seconds.
  • Switching hard or soft top jaws done in a minute, if needed.

Purchase cost VS. user cost

Using conventional jaws VS. Rindex Multi Jaws during a year.

  • Purchase cost is 1,5 % of the user cost when using conventional jaws.
  • Purchase- and user cost for Rindex Multi-Jaws are only 2,5 % that of conventional jaws

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Bild profit break even excell

  • for hard and soft jaws using Rindex Multi-Jaws.

Make your own calculation

With Rindex system mounted on several machines where jaw changes are more frequent, you get exponential returns.

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High RPM for quality machining

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Saving money on tools, jaws and other accessories leads to higher manufacturing costs, not less.
Speed things up for faster returns.

How to do it, and when…
Thin walled and/or sensitive parts need low initial clamping force.
Size, weight and location of jaws will greatly reduce clamping forces as spindle speed (RPM) increase.

Trade of:
Clamping force (kN) VS: spindle speed (RPM)

When clamping force is set to 10 kN, the maximal spindle speed is about 1000 RPM.

This effects number of parts/ minute, surface structure and cutting tool life. 
You will not be able to follow recommendations from your cutting tool provider.

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Make X3 production in no time

Counterweights can increase metal removal rate by a factor of 3, or 200%, when applicable.

A 200% increase equals a 70% lower component cost and a X3 increase in gross margin.

Even if using an average measure of a 50 % increase in metal removal rate over.

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Triangel vaska

Optimal quality, cost, profit & output.

By flattening the Nm/RPM-curve, you can:

  •  use the same clamping force for all tools
  • choose optimal speed for:
    •  highest quality
    • lowest production cost
    • highest profit/ part
    • part/ minute
Optimize metal removal rate 

The latest cutting tool technology have made significant impact on metal removal rate. For small to medium size parts, a high spindle speed is often a better alternative to increase metal removal rate than feed and dept. 

With higher demand surface finish, regardless of functionality, spindel speed limitations will leave customers dissatisfied. With highest possible RPM and lowest possible clamping force, there will be less disposal and grinding.
How Rindex works for you
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Optimization made easy

Learn how Rindex helps you to optimize cutting data.Read why spindle speed is key to optimization

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