"The real cost of clamping jaws are when in use, not when purchesed"

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Rindex multi jaws mounted onto cnc 8" chuck
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Product advantages
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Cost of cutting tools soft jaws etc.

Your problem: Reducing set-up cost and jaw change time.

Our solution: RINDEX “quick change” jaws reduces set-up time by 95 %.  

Read more under “Calculate your profits”

Your problem: Manufacturing sensitive or thin walled parts to fine tolerances.

Our solution: Use large enclosing soft jaws with great repetability.  

Read more under “Successtories”

Your problem: Planing for your next job.

Our solution: More manufacturing possibilities in primary- or subspindle.  

Read more under “Successtories”

A Small Investment

6 clamaping positions for inside and outside clamping. Cover 50 mm diameter within one minute. Cover 20-200 mm within two minutes.

Soft and Hard jaws

For bars or blanks, for primary and sub-spindle, for soft or hard clamping. 

More than "Quick Change" Jaws

Work with multiple diameters without changing top jaws. Manufacture one or many parts with one set of jaws.

Goodbye deformations

Up to 100 % clamping surface means less clamping marks, measuring time, plastic deformation and sub-sequent grinding.

Save Set-Up Time, Save Money

Reduce set-up and change-over time by 95 %.  Cover 50 mm diameter within one minute. Cover 20-200 mm within 2 minutes.

Use your own Chuck

Universal supporting jaw for your standard lathe chucks. For chuck sizes 6-12 inch.

Great repetability

RINDEX repeats at 20 µm

RINDEX®: Rotate & Index

Indexing means moving into a new position quickly and easily but also precisely

Rindex multi jaws mounted onto cnc 8" chuck
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Models for your chuck

3 positions to cover 35 - 250 mm

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Shapes and sizes

Choose your type of jaws after job requirements. Make a request for special sizes, shapes and materials.  

  • For your standard 3 jaw chuck
  • For chuck sizes 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″
  • Compatible with counterweights
  • Cover Ø 0-200 mm. diameter
  • Cover 100% clamping surface up to 150 mm.
  • 6 positions
  • I.D. and O.D. clamping
  • Cover Ø 30-200 mm. diameter
  • Cover 100% clamping surface up to 150 mm.
  • 6 positions
  • Robot ready
  • Super quick change over time
  • I.D. and O.D. clamping
  • 6 positions
  • 70-300 mm. diameter
  • Robot ready
  • Super quick change over time
  • I.D. and O.D. clamping
  • 1 positions
  • Covering 6″, 8″ and 10″ chucks
  • I.D. and O.D. clamping
  • customize your own jaws
  • choose size, shape and material

Large clamping Surface

A deep dive into Rindex

Rindex Multi Jaws is simple to use which creates values beyond quick set-up time. It’s a small investment that will pay off from the very start.

6 positions per top jaw means more work done with one set of jaws. Rindex can fit an entire job with multiple diameters on one set of top jaws. It’s easier to switch between shifts and the jaws could be keept for recurrent jobs.

When you need to change top jaws, our quick-change system makes it simple. Change size, form and material after job requirements in a minute. 

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Rindex Multi Jaws are truly revolutionary. All the benefits of quick change, large I.D. and O.D. range, 100% clamping surface, and 6 positions in one simple design.

Rindex Counterweights allow you to use large and heavy top jaws without losing clamping force. You can reduce clamping force by up to three times and still use the optimal spindle speed for your parts.

The real cost of jaws are when in use, not when purchesed. 

“Smart change”- jaws decrease set-up costs by a lot. You will most likely make a profit on your very first set of jaws. This is how:

  • Increase gross margin by 65%…
  • By reducing setup costs by 95%…
  • Cutting rework and inspection time.

Machine downtime is more costly than tooling costs

Research by Sandvik Coromant  shows that a 30% saving on cutting tools results in a 1% decrease in total cost, while a 30% increase in machining time increases the gross margin by 15%. For more information follow the link below.

Manufacturing economics

Mounting the base jaws takes a few minutes with perfectly centered jaws every time. How? Thanks to our smart set-up tools. Once installed, you are ready for a wide range of operations. Top jaws can be changed within a minute, for example when switching from hard to soft jaws.

Stop running back and forth replacing jaws within and between jobs. Case studies show that finding and setting up tooling is a major source of both downtime and frustration. Rindex Jaws will be appreciated by your staff and will improve their productivity.

  • By having multiple identical clamping surfaces on the same set of jaws, you can recover from a breakdown within minutes instead of losing 30-60 minutes.

  • Store sets – for recurrent jobs 

  • Since one set of Rindex Jaws can cover an entire job, you can make small batches with a profit.

  • Save stock space by replacing your existing jaw stock with just a few sets of Rindex Jaws.

  • Shorter delivery time
  • Partial delivery
  • No clamping marks
  • Do the same work with 3-6 times fewer jaws
  • Less material waste due to the large clamping surface
  • Reduce waste with frequent quality checks, thanks to the ability to produce short series or even part-by-part without any machine downtime

A workholding tool that is simple to use. Loosen the screw, turn top jaw, fasten screw, done. Keep for recurrent jobs.

The proper selection of workholding involves more than simply accepting the chuck that came with the machine as the solution, but manufacturing managers on the shop floor often feel that they lack the in-house resources to determine the best non-standard alternatives. ... a shop should invest the time to research the most appropriate solutions.

Success Stories

"The parts did meet the required specifications (roundness) of 50 µm when 20 µm was achieved on the first try. Conventional turning could not meet the requirements as 60-80 µm was possible with clamping marks."

Manufacture round parts faster without deformations

Read about how other companies have improve quality and productivity when using Rindex in their production.   

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get inspired by others

Dont take our word for it. Here is our costumers experience from Rindex.

Calculate your profits

Every company is unique

The following examples are built on assumptions. Make your own calculations at “Calculate Profits” under “Why Rindex” in the top menu.

Look at the pie chart in the media carousel

  • Consider a production rate of 50 pieces an hour.  
  • By cutting rework (21%), inspection (8%) and jaw change time (13%) you can produce an extra 65 pieces an hour. 
  • That isa total of 115 pieces, an increase by 131%.

According to sandviks calculations, that equals a gross margin increase with 65%, or…

A decrease in component cost by 57%.

You can increase profits by increasing machining time. Here are som actuall numbers:

  • A 30 % decrease in cutting tool costs results in a 1 % decrease in component cost. 
  • Increasing machine usage by 50 % will increase gross margin by 25 %.
  • Increased cutting data by 50 % decrease component cost by 25 %
  • A 50 % increase in production volyme could decrease the payback time for a new machine by 2 years.


Download our analysis

Saving money on tooling such as cutting tools, jaws, and other consumables is a false economy.

A quality jaw system and cutting tools will reduce your machine and labor costs, which amount to over 50% of the total costs (see pie chart).

Increasing machine operation time and metal removal rate has a huge impact on total costs. Investing in quality tooling achieves this by externalising internal setup time.

Download our analysis

* Again, Sandviks data and MPCs calculations

When using an 8 hour shift, machine operating time is equal to about 4 hours. Out of these 4 hours, as much as half could be spent on rework and measurment time.

By reducing Inspection time, rework and jaw change you can increase machine time with more than 100 %.

If Rindex Multi Jaws cuts jaw change – , inspection and rework time to zero, you will get:

• 134% increased machine time
• 65% increased gross margin
• or 11 500 € per year and machine


Download our analysis

  • Base jaws are centered in less than two minutes.
  • Top jaws can take on 12 different positions.
  • Change diameter in 30 seconds.
  • Change from top jaws in less than a minute

Purchase cost vs. user cost over one year of use

  • The purchase cost of regular jaws is a tiny fraction of the total cost when one takes user costs into account.
  • The total cost, that is purchase and user cost, for Rindex Multi Jaws is around 2.5% of the total cost of regular jaws.

View profit diagrams

Make your own calculation

With Rindex system mounted on several machines where jaw changes are frequent, you get exponential returns. Make your own calculations on our website here.

Rindex works for you

Our new product line – The Rindex Series – is for thin walled or sensitive parts. Increase manufacturing output (parts per minute) with excellent finish, stay well within tolerance specifications and deliver on time. 

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Calculate profits

See how much more parts per minute you can achieve by increased machining

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Optimization made easy

Learn how to optimize cutting data by choosing correct clamping force and spindle speed. 

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Get industry insights from other companies that uses the Rindex System.

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