Fastest bar puller on the market

Fastest Bar Puller On The Market

Fitted onto the Part-off tool shank, the PULLEX Crocodile pulls the bar into its new cutting position instantly as the tool’s retract for ATC.

  • Fitted together with the part-off tool
  • incredibly fast – clamps the bar instanteneously after cut-off 
  • Flexible design – can be ordered as a ready-to-run unit with tool holder or to fit with an existing toolholder
  • Compact design
    – Doesn’t need it’s own turret station
    – Very narrow – builds out very little
    – Clamps very close to the chuck jaws
  • Easy to setup and use
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A deep dive into Pullex

Save one day a week

You can’t possibility get the work done faster than using this revolutionary Bar Puller. Pullex feeds the bar within 1.5-2 seconds to be compared with the job of a conventional Shortbar Feeder, which would take 10-15 seconds to execute the same operation. Consider a machining cycle time of 50 seconds for a work ipiece. Then you will save one day each week using Pullex..


ccycle 1ccycle 2ccycle 3ccycle 4 

After cut-off the spindle is stopped

PULLEX advances a little behind the bar centre for gripping the bar
The chuck jaws are unclamped and the bar is pulled out into the new cutting position
The fixing plate is fitted between the tool holder and the upper side of the part off square tool.
The frame is fitted to the fixing plate.
The fixing plate fits diffent sizes and brands of tool holders and is screwed on the tool holder.
The frame is fitted to the fixing plate.

Pullex Crocodile System comes with the following three parts:

b2 1 x Frame (C30 or C60)
b2 1 x Fixing Plate
   (Shank or Blade type)
b2 1 set Pulling Plates (PFD-1)


30-60 mm



1-30 mm





How to select the right fixing plate for Pullex Crocodile

Square shank part-off tool

1.When you have a shank part-off tool to be mounted on a tool holder you shall use the fixing plates with a flange together with the part-off tool in the tool holder.


When you have a square shank part-off tool and there is no space for the flange, you should use the fixing plate without a flange. This is a frequent occurrence when mounting the square shank part-off tool directly on the turret.


pullex montering 1

C302 (Suitable for C30)

C602 (Suitable for C60)

C303 (Suitable for C30)

C603 (Suitable for C60)

Blade part-off tool

1. Employ the fixing plate to the right if you use any of the following tool holders:











– Iscar tool holder (for blade 26/21,4)

– Sandvik tool holder (blade 25,9/21,4)

– Iscar tool holder (for blade 32/24,8)


– Iscar tool holder (for blade 32/24,8)

– Sandvik tool holder (for blade 31,9/25)

– Mircona tool holder (for blade 32/25)

type SGTBU-20-5G
type SGTBU-25-5G

type 151.2-202021M

type SGTBU-20-6G
type SGTBU-20C-6
type SGTBU-25-6G
type SGTBU-25C-6

type SGTBU-32-6G

type SGTBU-32-25-6G

type 151.2.3232-25

type TB56C-25-32
type TB56C-32-32







2. For other tool holders in blade style, choose the fixing plate to the right:




– Tool holder for blade ~26/21,4

– Tool holder for blade ~32/25

Iscar tool holders above are prepared for easily being
connected to Pullex.
Sandvik and other tool holders must be prepared with M6
holes for being connected to Pullex.





Pulling plates

pfd 2pfd 4
Pulling plates must be ordered separately.
They come in sets of 2 pcs.


padjust3 The pulling plates are pushed within their grooves (in the direction of the arrows) into the desired diameter within the Frame’s range of 30 mm.
Adjust the pulling plates to a diameter of 0,1 mm to 0,2 mm less than the bar diameter.
The pulling plates are hardened and profile-ground for best performance.

After cut-off, the spindle is stopped and PULLEX advances a little (see “A”) behind the bar centre for gripping the bar.


Gripping capacity 1-60 mM

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 

Below you’ll find the most common asked questions about Pullex. If you have any questions about Pullex or our other products please contact us.

Question: Can I use my own part-off tool together with Pullex Crocodile?

Answer: Yes. Iscar need not to to be prepared with M6 screw holes in the holder. Other manufacturers do. 

Question: Can I use both left- and right hand tools?

Answer: Yes, the same Pullex Crocodile can be used both for left and right hand tools.

Question: How do I adjust the pulling plates?

Answer: It’s easy. You just adjust adjust the Pulling Plates 0.1 to 0.2 mm less that the bar diameter.




One way to adjust the pulling plates, when the Pullex Crocodile is mounted in the the machine is to use the following method:

The adjustment of pulling plates is simplified by turning a diameter of 0.1 mm to 0.2 mm less than the bar diameter. Then, the pulling plates are pushed against the turned diameter and locked in this position. This method is quick, accurate and eliminates errors originating from the turret and/or tool holder.

  • Turn a diameter of 0.1 to 0.2 mm less than the bar diameter.
  • Push the Pulling plates against the turned diameter to be locked in this position.
  • The clamping force achieved by the Pulling plates entering the bar is then amplified by the somewhat sagging bar at chuck unclamp, thus securing safe operation.

Question: Does Pullex works with a spring?

Answer: No, Pullex doesn’t use any spring which can tear out