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As a specialized supplier of inside automation tools we operate globally to bring our solutions to you wherever you are. 

We strive to have the upmost profesional business partners to uphold customer satisfaction through out the entire business chain.

If you would like to speak to us about opportunities, send us a mail with contact information and we will get back to you.

Inside automation

Our Collaborators

Grippex Series


Our Swedish distributor. Specialized in chucks and assessories. Contact them for  questions and requests within Sweden.

Böhm werkzeugmaschinen

Our German agent selling Grippex to the german market and neighboring countries.  

Royal Products

Royal Products are our agent in USA. Ask them for assistance regarding Grippex bar pullers on the north american market. 

Crenol & Wilson

Crenol & Wilson are our agent Grippex bar pullers in UK

CM Maragoni

CM Maragoni is our Grippex distributor in Italy. Contact them for information about Grippex bar puller. 


Tecnimetal is a distributor within Italy. Please contact them for information about Grippex products. 


Proger is our agent in the Netherlands. Please contact them for information about Grippex products. 


Heimatec is a reseller in Germany. Please contact them for information about our products. 

Didier Beaupere

Didier Beaupere is our reseller in France. Please contact him for information about our products. 

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We are always looking for new oppurtunities. If you do to and want to to help us grow, you can contact us for  further discussion. 

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