Elmia Sub-contractor

MPC Automation Systems visit Elmia sub-contractor in Jönköping Sweden in November 2021 to meet with  customers, get input for future projects and get inspired by the best in the business. 

After years of facetime meetings online we finally got to get together and discuss future projects.  

See you next time, face to face.   

återförsäljare verktyg CNC

our new collaborator

We would like to welcome Chuckcenter to our family of distribuators. 

From now on, our swedish customers will be able to by our products from Chuckcenter. They specialize in accessories to CNC machines. 

Visit them at

New website Launch for 2022

Welcome to our new website. We are proude to introduce our latest prudoct line, Rindex Counterweights, on our new platform. Here you will find inspirational videos and case studies, informative turning exampels as well as profit calculations. Download brochures, manuals and manufacturing guidelines, place an order or share information with your collegues.  

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Get inspired by others

 by reading our success stories section. While simple, our products can help solving many every day problems. 

Also, se our reference page where we have gathered secial customers that we are proude to help on a daily basis. 

Your needs in numbers

Take a moment to figure out how much you could end up saving by using our products. 

Evey company is unique. We have made a simple tool to make the investment decision process easy.

Rindex in the making

This video was created when making our latest batch of the Rindex “standard jaws”-model at LK Precision. 

Next time we will use our own Rindex jaws when producing them. Its economically sane. Or, as we say: Do more with less.    

A special thanks to LK Precision for a professional and curious mindset. We learned alot together. Read more in our “Success Story” section. 

Rindex soft jaws -
An Award winning product

10 years ago, we won an award for our quick change soft jaws, called Rindex. The idea was brand new, according to the jury from EMO Hannover. 

Now days quick change systems are more common. Still, no other companies jaws have room for up to six + diameters on the same set of jaws. It is a patented MPC Automation Systems product. 

The founding father

Bo Svensson is the founder and invetor of MPC Automation Systems products. In the youtube video abowe he shares his thoughts on why the MM EMO Award is special to Bo, namely that its his creation that will make companies become more productive.  

The first model

The prototyp shown in the video was a ground breaking idea that generated a lot of interest. 

We could tell that this was a product for the future.  changed the industries view on set up time.

Ten years later

Since our first award, our tiredless effort to make great things better resulted in a better and more affordable product, available in different materials, sizes and to all standard chucks

rindex works for you!
IMG 8842

Calculate profits

Here is how much money you can save by using our products

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Optimization made easy

Learn how Rindex helps you to optimize cutting data.Read why spindle speed is key to optimization

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Read about how other companies use our products to create profits.

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